About us

  • Caleb Pulver
Riding your bike is something that has always been fun and enjoyable. But there are times when we want something more in life, something bold, something exciting. Spark Wheels aims to modify your basic bike riding into a thrilling adventure!
So take the initiative to hop on the trend and experience what technology has to offer. We bring you high-end electric bikes to make memories that you will never forget.
As you browse our products we hope that you will be able to imagine yourself using them.  Sound like a good plan? At Spark Wheels, we offer so much more than just perfect products.
We're committed to giving you the greatest possible online shopping experience with full and professional customer support. So what are you waiting for? Shop our collections today.


Mission statement:  Make your life easier and enjoyable thanks to our electric bikes.



 Spark Wheels was founded by a group of people who believed that through the easy access of ebikes, lifetime memories can be made. Having a ebike can grant us unlimited access to riding wherever we please. We are keen to spread this trend to your life. We hope to unite families and memories for you.



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